Without utilizing excellent SEO marketing practices, you are missing out on a large amount of potential traffic. Although high quality content is vital to gaining traffic organically, you can’t expect that everyone is going to be able to just find you online. SEO content marketing strategy is similar to placing a massive billboard along the highway of the busiest city – only for the internet, sans the massive price as well. All you need to do is think outside of the box, get a little creative, do some keyword research and know who your audience is. Here are 10 effective SEO content marketing tactics that will give you the best results for your efforts.

Infuse SEO From the Beginning
Learn SEO right from the beginning and infuse it into your content right away because learning these marketing practices afterwards will call for a lot of backtracking (and time lost). If you write for your audience and provide high quality content with SEO in mind as soon as you start your project, you’re only moving in one direction – and that is forward.

High Quality Content
Busting out some generic information infused with SEO isn’t going to ‘catch’ like it will if you put some time and effort into the quality of the content you’re providing. Google loves authentic websites that aren’t only providing content for SEO purposes, and if that isn’t a benefit in itself, good content will propel itself as soon as it’s published.

Mobile Friendliness is a Must
Google recently released an update that they will favor websites that have a responsive design. In other words, your website should automatically adapt to whatever device it is being viewed from, whether it’s a Google tablet, phone, iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop or any other kind of the hundreds out there. Why is having a mobile friendly website that much more important? Statistics show that more and more people are going online via their phone. Thus,  without being able to view your website properly on mobile devices, you could be losing a lot of potential traffic.

Do Email Marketing
Email marketing has a fine line between bombarding your customers with too many emails, or not enough and for this exact reason, many businesses are afraid to indulge into an email campaign. The most important thing to determine is what works for you and your audience. While some business may thrive on a daily email of discounts, others are better off providing a weekly recap. While you do have to be cautious when selecting the email marketing you wish to do, it should never be left out of your SEO content marketing strategy completely.

Spotlight Content
Your website is probably full of different kinds of content, whether it’s different categories and tags for your blog posts, or a website, blog, service page and so much more. It is important to spotlight incredible website content to further engage your audience and keep them coming back. If you have recently written a piece that really sparks interest, show it off with a spotlight. Maybe you have some new deals this week – put a spotlight on it. Make the best portions of your website stand out.

Use Social Media
All of your content, especially the stuff you choose to be spotlighted on your website as mentioned above, needs to be shared across your social media pages. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus are excellent places to share your content to get some views and more importantly, to go viral. Again, people won’t always find your content organically. You need to advertise it, show it, debut it and social media is an excellent place to start and should never be skipped out.

Collaborate With Experts
Social media can also be incredible for networking, and provide you with many opportunities to collaborate with experts within your niche. It also gives your audience a new voice and information that you may not have provided yourself, and with that, they’ll share it and get more views heading back to your website. So, network and collaborate.

Pay for Promotion
With so many ways to promote your content without having to put out a dime, it is easy to disregard promotion that comes with a price tag. However, there are some services that are certainly worth it and the fees are fairly minimal. Some of the most traditional ones being Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook ads and PPC campaigns. There are also other content distribution companies such as OutBrain, Tabooa, and literally so many more.  Explore these options and find some that work for your niche, content and audience. Promoting your content has never been more affordable. Forget about those expensive billboards and television commercials.

Never Duplicate Content
While it is okay to promote your content on social media platforms several different times, you never, ever want to duplicate your content completely. Sure, retweeting your content link is okay, but you typically want to revamp the 150 characters that are attached to it. People will get sick of seeing the same stuff. So, don’t try to rehash the same stuff repeatedly.

Analyze Your Statistics
If you have no idea what’s working for you, you risk being stuck at a standstill. Get in a habit of viewing your rankings, statistics and traffic to your website. See what is bringing you the best traffic, and tweak the areas that don’t seem to be working for you. If you don’t analyze your stats, you won’t know how to improve and grow in success.

In a nutshell, marketing your high quality content is really all you need to create a successful marketing campaign. These 10 tips will make sure that you are providing what Google and your audience wants, while also ensuring that the most amount of people are going to see it. After all, you’re just selling yourself short within diving head first into these marketing practices.