Two of the most powerful Internet Gurus have collaborated to take over the industry even more than they already have. Google, the lord of search engines and the master of Social Media, Twitter, are changing things up a bit to better the results for everyone – pun intended. Twitter and Google have reestablished their agreement to allow tweets to appear within the Google search results, but what does this all mean for you and your online marketing regime? The power of SEO is no longer limited to your website and content; and the benefits of utilizing social media is about to get even more extreme.

 The Key is to Engagement and Interact

Social media is all about engaging your audience with consistent interaction. Now, you could tweet all day but if you aren’t providing 150-character updates geared towards your specific audience, they won’t work their magic. So, you really have to think about your audience (customers) and what information they’re looking for from your social media updates. Better yet; think about what they might need and provide it. Thinking ahead of the game never hurts. Not only will these kinds of tweets enhance your social media game but they will also enhance your rankings as Google places importance on high quality content that is being shared and seen. That’s the secret! With only an allowed 150 characters, you have to be able provide direct, engaging content; and not random jibber that won’t be shared – or worse, seen!  Make sure your tweets have a purpose! Engage and interact, folks.

 Social Media and Rankings

You have the social media part down pat but how does this help your rankings? Great question! It’s a little complex, so listen up. There is no direct connection between a tweet and your Google rankings. However, audience engagement and interaction encourages traffic and contributes to your overall authority. Tweeting your keyword in every status may not put you at the number 1 spot in Google search results, but it will form your audience of what your tweets and content focus on, which will help you get noticed by people who want to see what you’re talking about.. Which is why you’re interested in SEO anyway, right? To get your name out there! It sort of creates a snowball; you tweet, people retweet, visit your site, retweet a link of your content and so on and so forth. It’s the only kind of snowstorm you should be excited for. As a result, Google will recognize that your tweets and content are creating traffic and attention, which are vital components when it comes to ranking higher. Google won’t promote content that no one wants, just like a store won’t sell a computer that is too slow to function in today’s modern world of technology.

 Benefit From The Local Avenue

Whether you’re a local business or not, you should certainly consider those within close proximity to you. Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, are able to target your local market. For example, when you log onto your Twitter account, you probably see recommendations of people to follow that have somewhat to do with your location. This can be a huge benefit to you. Sure, you might be thinking ‘big picture-big globe’ but focusing on the local market will create brand recognition within your local market, and people seem to favor companies and brands within their area because your content is relatable. If you’re selling surf boards in Canada, but are only tweeting to those in California, you may want to start providing content for Canadians who need to get away on a vacation to go surfing. It takes a bit of a creative angle to find a way to engage your local audience, but it is absolutely do-able within every niche. While it all may seem a little vague because there is no direct connection between your tweets and your Google rankings, you can see that there is a connection that improves your online presence. You want to reach the maximum level of engagement and traffic, and by completely ignoring the new agreement that Google and Twitter have re-established, you aren’t allowing your brand to do that. Create high quality content that your audience wants, and watch the snowball effect work its wonders, and never stop at one tweet. Social media is about