Turn Your Web Visitors into Customers by Segmenting your Website’s Content


There are endless amounts of websites that aren’t receiving the proper amount of customers in relation to their web traffic, and the solution is quite simple; Segmenting Content. If you have been having trouble engaging your audience to proceed with a sale, this is an effective way to make the difference that you need to further improve your business and more importantly, increase your sales.  Now before you try to market to every possible visitor to your site, take some time and consider segmenting your website’s content to turn your web visitors into customers by addressing your targeted audience appropriately and successfully.


Captivate Your Viewers

captiate viewers

Instead of bombarding your website visitors with tons of visual content on the landing page, segment the content to simplify the message that they will immediately receive. A clear, large image without anything surrounding it is a successful way of doing just that. As the example shows, a popular new website, Huffington Post, the main story captivates your attention, and all of the other options are much more laid back, and set apart from the rest of the main content which engages the viewers upon first glance on the page.


Be Direct With Your Audience


It’s crucial that you speak directly to your audience, as if they are right in front of you. Deliver your targeted messages through valuable content that speaks to your viewers persona by creating blog posts and articles that they can relate to and by creating case studies that share your success stories and customer’s testimonials. Forget about speaking in third person, and speak right to your audience. An example of this can be seen in U-Haul’s service description as the context is full of “Your home”.


Keep It Clean

Although it’s tempting to share all of your content with your audience as soon as they click through your website, it’s crucial to resist bombarding them with too much information all at once. Your website visitors want a simple experience, and if you throw too much at them at once, they certainly won’t continue clicking through. They’ll click right off. Back to the U-Haul example, their service description is clean, basic and straight to the point. If you aren’t able to simplify your message, consider creating content that offers a short description, but with the option for your visitors to click further to read more.


Provide Different Options


Your content may be targeted to a specific audience, but it’s imperative to provide different viewpoints and options for them because not all personas will be able to positively view everything in the same manner. Overcome this by providing content in a variety of different ways, such as in quotes, graphs, infographics and newsletters). Comprendia.com appealed their content to a wide range of individuals within their targeted audience by using text, bullet points and infographics.


Be Interactive


Creating content where you can interact with your visitors will promote brand recognition, customer loyalty and will keep your audience coming back for more. Social media profiles, blogs and even webinars can encourage interaction. RNB Designs, an architecture company, provides interaction through their social media sites and blog articles which can both be easily accessed on their landing page.



It truly isn’t difficult to have your website layout working to your benefit. All you have to do is place importance on the appearance of your content, and the segmenting of it as well. If your website looks anything like the following, you are in serious need for content segmenting on your Website because your web visitors are most certainly clicking right off of your website, and are certainly going no where close to becoming a customer. Segment that content and get your visitors to stay and become customers.