If you loved the Android brand before, you’re about to have your gamer thumbs, channel-changing fingers shake with excitement because 2015 is bringing a whole new era of technology. Currently, Android offers a variety of gadgets available for the car, on your wrist, in your hands and soon enough, things are going to be taking to the big screen. The most recent development is the Android TV, which was recently showcased in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, and what you’re about to hear should have you excited for what’s in store for television in 2015.

Get Plugged In This Spring

As of this Spring, major television brands such as Sony, Philips, Sharp and ToP Visions will start to ship out systems that are powered by Android TV specifically. The benefit of purchasing one is that the device is already set up and enthused with the Android capabilities. So, there is no need for you to plug in anything extra; and we all know that the maze of cords behind your entertainment system is driving you insane. That’s not the only way Android TV is going to make your life more simple though. The remote control that comes with the Android TV allows you to access everything from TV to movies, games, shows and even your apps that you’ve downloaded. Soda Crush on the big screen, anyone? More importantly, you can finally clear your coffee table of 5 different remotes! One of the coolest features is that you can find everything you want with the voice search feature.  Gone are the days of channel-flicking; or rather, guide-page flipping.  Life is getting simpler with Android TV.

Not With The Current

If you don’t have an Android TV or feel the need or have the financial means to purchase one, it isn’t bad news for you either. Android has you covered. You can actually purchase a gaming console from Razer that is already powered by Android TV.This will allow you to get in on all the action without having to purchase an entire new TV. The high-performance specs of Razer’s Forge TV will provide you with that astonishing picture Android devices are highly recognized for, whether you’re playing the latest GTA, catching up on your reality TV, or busting some candy in Candy Crush. You will also receive a wireless game controller with this system, and can even stream your PC games right onto the TV itself.  Again, simple living is a huge bonus of getting your hands on this tech device. Huawei is another company working to bring more features to the Android TV by adding a steaming media player, but this won’t be ready until later in the year.

A Simpler Life

Back in 2008, the Android was debuted as they launched a phone, and a couple of years later, the brand is collaborating with a variety of TV partners to even further the consumer’s experience utilizing their flawless and innovative features. It just keeps getting better, and the options get even more vast. Even the Android TV comes in a variety of different screen sizes, all that include 4K displays, to ensure that everyone can get their hands on the latest gadget. Android isn’t just a tech brand, but a way to make life easier for you to enjoy. This is probably why it has become as popular as it has today.

2015 is looking pretty good in regards to technology, and your soon-to-be less complex life. You basically get it all in one device which is the current trend of technology; allowing you to do it all with one device. With the vast evolution of Android products, one might say that this brand is a technology guru. It’s time to start reimagining your living room, folks.