We have been with the same team since 2012 and they continue to handle all our in house accounting work. Privacy is a fundamental right and core value at Meru Health. Our HIPAA Compliant platform ensures your personal information is protected and encrypted at all equity definition times. We value your privacy and will not share any identifiable information with your employer or anyone else, giving you control over your private information. Regulate your emotions, improve your sleep, enhance your nutrition, and build life-changing habits.

  • After suffering an horrific accident while filming on location with Chin, Ozturk has a mere five months to recover before their second attempt, battling near-fatal injuries.
  • Recognizing and dealing with my own feelings was new and scary, but rewarding and helping me move forward in life.
  • I could easily use the dedicated insurance-specific discount code offered by Meru Health to get started.
  • Combines chat-based coach support, virtual workshops, and evidence-based digital content to reduce stress, increase resilience and promote emotional wellbeing.

Headspace is an app aimed to bring the principles of mindfulness meditation to users’ lives, and hopes to improve concentration and mood, reduce anxiety, and increase productivity. Purchasing a subscription provides access to a wide variety of sessions and programs. Happify aims to help users reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thinking, and improve emotional well-being. Activities are based on cognitive-behavioral principles, mindfulness and positive psychology and are created by professionals to help clients achieve specific goals.

Meru Health’s latest study reveals significant impact in suicide prevention

She is an experienced Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Writer with a decade of expertise in psychology. Committed to helping individuals through clinical practice and mental health writing at Therapyjourney.co. I am all for clinically proven, evidence-based psychotherapy. Meru Health is great if you are on the lookout for effective talk therapy combined with self-guided treatment. Meru Health’s mental healthcare services are only available to adults aged 18 years and above.

  • Results did show an increase in resilience (measured by XX), and mindfulness (measured by XX).
  • The platform focuses on practical approaches and evidence-based care to deliver top-notch mental healthcare.
  • So, companies can collaborate with Meru Health to provide their employees with affordable therapy/psychiatric care.
  • They will provide meaningful, personalized responses when you feel lost, unmotivated, or need guidance.
  • Yet so much of the mental health care landscape was ignoring this.

We learned that access to mental health care was severely lacking—and that the care that was available was often not sufficient. The science on how food, sleep, and even breathing can effect mood—and how mood can effect physical wellbeing—is well established. Yet so much of the mental health care landscape was ignoring this. Traditional talk therapy and psychiatric medicines aren’t enough or—in so many cases—even necessary. We felt that a more holistic approach could deliver better and faster results—and for far more people. That’s why say we’re building the new standard of mental health care.

Better mental health starts here

However, the plans of Talkspace are pretty affordable and can also be paid through insurance. Meru Health offers a large number of features in its multi-step program for depression. The various features that this program offers have been described in this section.

It allows peer support

Until then, we can legally only provide our services to people 18+. That’s why Meru Health’s licensed therapists are available via both scheduled video calls and unlimited in-app chat. Meru Health offers a structured program which has been proven to work. This program is filled with numerous strategies and exercises which aim to make permanent positive changes in the participant’s life.


Two face-to-face video sessions with your certified coach, plus unlimited support via in-app chat.2. Guided in-app activities and lessons to help you develop skills for reducing stress, increasing resilience, and unlocking your best self.3. Weekly workshops to dive deeper into skills and practices and help lock in the changes you seek.

I started off by first downloading the app and setting up my account. Next, I used my coupon code based on my insurance provider to connect with a therapist. My therapist, Sarah was incredibly supportive and always available if I needed a little extra help.

Let’s change people’s minds about changing people’s minds

The platform has been fitted with strong security features like end to end encryptions, two-step authentications and firewalls. There are no in-person sessions and thus nullifies the risk of physical violence from either party. There is also a feature for couples therapy that is present in Talkspace. Couples therapy is not only indicated for married couples but can also be useful for those who are dating each other or are planning to get married to each other.