If there’s one thing the Internet and technology isn’t, it’s consistent. Both are constantly evolving and changing up what we once knew. So it can be an exasperating task to stay on top of the Internet trends. Fortunately, we’ve done our research. Here are the three current Internet trends you need to know about.

Smartphones and Tablets are Dominating the Internet

It’s no surprise that mobile devices are dominating the Internet. After all, just think about your own habits. When you want to quickly search something online, you probably reach for your iPhone or iPad instead of loading up the desktop or laptop.

So it’s no shocker that today, Internet usage from devices other than a computer is over 30%, in comparison to only 10% in 2011. Break that math down a little further and that means almost one third of your website traffic comes from people not using a computer.

Smartphones and tablets aren’t the only devices being used to access the Internet either. With Smart TVs, smart watches, wristbands and gaming consoles quickly becoming must-have items, your website needs to responsive across all devices.




Google Searches are Becoming More Specific

With so much content and websites online, people no longer expect to find exactly what they’re looking for when they conduct a search via Google or any other search engine. So, people changed the way they were searching.

Instead of typing generic search terms into search engines, such as “smartphone repair”, they’re searching for something more specific such as, “iPhone 6s cracked screen repair.”

Additionally, people are starting to enter full questions into search engines instead of basic terms, such as “cold symptoms”. Instead, they are typing in “what are the common cold symptoms in adults?”

You can take advantage of this Internet trend by producing quality content that incorporates long tail keywords and specific search term. Create blog posts that answer questions, so you can put the question search terms right in your content, and provide specifics and details of your product/services available to target specific search terms.



Web Design Matters Even More Now Than Before

Anyone can build a website, but like most things in life, not all websites are created equally. Today, there are so many high quality websites that have been built by multi-billion dollar corporations, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Apple, etc.

As a result, people expect to see similar quality across the board, or Internet, rather. They expect to see high quality, professional designs that are aesthetically pleasing.

If your web design is outdated, it will stick out – and not for the right reasons. A poor website design leaves your visitors with a bad impression of your business. On the contrary, if you have an excellent web design that is visually appealing, your traffic is likely to stay on your website 3 times longer. This also increases the chances of them making a purchase.

ugly website

So one of the biggest Internet trends of today is that more and more businesses have high quality websites.

Now that you know the top 3 Internet trends of today and what they’ll do for you, it’s time to put them into action.