This March the West Palm Beach web design and online marketing firm was recognized by the Ecommerce platform WooCommerce, from the developers of WordPress.

Boynton Beach, FL — After earning “Silver Woo Status” on the WooCommerce platform in 2016, C2 Consulting Group (C2CG ) achieved one of its 2017 goals early this year: being named an official “Gold Woo Expert” by Automattic. Automattic, best known for the ubiquitous content management system WordPress, named the West Palm Beach web development firm a “Gold Woo Expert” in March.

After being selected to join a small group of Silver Woo Experts around the world, C2 Consulting Group is now part of an even more exclusive club. The firm is one of only a handful of Gold Woo Experts in the world.

Carlos Caneja, President of C2 Consulting Group, says his firm has been implementing creative web development services and solutions since 2010, and he is proud to see that work recognized.

“Our clients come to us when they have a problem no one else can solve,” says Caneja, who has nearly two decades of Ecommerce and Information Technology experience. “Over the last year, we’ve engaged clients that required extensive WooCommerce customizations as well as custom plugin development in order to achieve their business goals with the WooCommerce platform.”

WooCommerce is an open source Ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and the program is designed to help online merchants of all sizes reach their Ecommerce goals. WordPress currently powers 75 million websites, or about 25% of all websites. The WooCommerce platform assists more than 380,000 online retailers by making it easier for these WordPress sites to handle Ecommerce transactions.

As one of the only Gold Woo Experts, Caneja says the C2 Consulting Group will continue to use its E-commerce experience to help clients implement innovative ideas.

“C2CG becoming a Silver Expert last year was great, as Silver Status is for companies that clearly know what they’re doing. But reaching Gold Status is a sign that C2CG is doing excellent work at the highest level. We plan on continuing to push the envelop throughout 2017 and into 2018.”

About C2 Consulting Group

Since its founding in 2010, the company has offered customized strategies to help clients achieve their goals—including branding, web design, web development, SEO, and online marketing. C2 Consulting Group also offers a custom ROI tracking system, featuring proprietary call tracking software and web-2-lead technology. To help clients keep up with the fast-paced online environment, the company focuses on results-based strategies for continuous improvement and success. For more information, visit the C2CG website at